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FIRE FIT – Heart Healthy

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  Join host Brett Hicks and his guest Ms. Michelle Detwiler the Wellness Account Manager for L&T Health and Fitness as they discuss heart health and nutrition! It is no secret that one of the leading causes of premature firefighter death is heart disease, so you do not want to miss this episode! This episode of […]

FIRE FIT – Low Back Injuries and Pain

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Listen as host Brett Hicks and his guest Mr. John Hofman, CSCS, MS the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Sacramento Fire Department discuss low back injuries, how to avoid them and how to recover from them.  Related articles FIRE FIT – The Tactical Athlete (firefighterradio.com) Advertise With Us! (firefighterradio.com) FIRE FIT – Heart Healthy Monday, […]

Social Media Just Wont Go Away by Bob Pessemier on Emergency Management.com

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Check out Bob Pessemier's interview with our very own Brett Hicks.  They discuss social media and public safety in Brett's new book, A Guide to Incorporating Social Media into Public Safety Communications available at Lulu.com.   Here is an excerpt: While there are some folks in public safety who embrace the idea, many others are […]

2011 wrap, what up for 2012

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Image via CrunchBase Join BJ and his guest panel as they discuss “2011 wrap, what up for 2012." They recap the year that was in the fire service and they will be taking your calls and want to hear your stories from 2011 and your thoughts about 2012.   Join us and reflect on 2011, […]

What About Water?

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Image via Wikipedia Join Jeremy Mitchell as he discusses the risks and benefits of the first in engine establishing a water supply via hydrant or other source versus initiating attack with tank water.  This is a subject near and dear to many of our listeners so please join us and share your stories and opinions with […]

Lone Rangers

Join Jeremy Mitchell as he discusses single companies operating at a structure fire with other resources arriving later in the incident; for example, in brownout, callback or long-distance mutual aid situations. This show will also discuss establishing initial incident priorities and safety guidelines for this increasingly common situation.   Listen in and give us your comments or questions.  […]

FIRE FIT – The Tactical Athlete

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Image via Wikipedia   Join Brett Hicks as he kicks off FFR’s special series on Firefighter Fitness called FIRE FIT! Brett’s host will be Mr. John Hofman, CSCS, MS the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Sacramento Fire Department. They will be discussing fitness, preventing injuries, diet, Crossfit and much, much more! This is a […]

The Year in Disaster

Join Jeremy Mitchell as he reviews of long duration, large-scale disasters with a focus on how small career, combination and volunteer departments respond to these incidents. We will talk about the impact on the organizations and look at how well disaster management plans fared during these responses, all topics important to many of our listeners. […]

The High Performance Instructor

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Image via Wikipedia What defines an average instructor compared to an amazing instructor? While many may say talent, giftedness, or an ability they are born with, becoming an amazing instructor is about skill. In this seminar, we will share and discuss the skills you need to become a high performance instructor. We are not talking […]

FIRE FIT Coming to Firefighter Radio in December!

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Monday, December 12 @8pm EST Image by Justin Liew via Flickr What is fitness? Merriam-Webster (2011) defines fitness as the quality or state of being fit. But what does that mean to a professional in the fire service? A workout program? A diet regiment? Or a physical examination? The truth is many firefighters are selfless […]

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