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FIRE FIT – Heart Healthy

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  Join host Brett Hicks and his guest Ms. Michelle Detwiler the Wellness Account Manager for L&T Health and Fitness as they discuss heart health and nutrition! It is no secret that one of the leading causes of premature firefighter death is heart disease, so you do not want to miss this episode! This episode of […]

FIRE FIT – Low Back Injuries and Pain

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Listen as host Brett Hicks and his guest Mr. John Hofman, CSCS, MS the Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Sacramento Fire Department discuss low back injuries, how to avoid them and how to recover from them.  Related articles FIRE FIT – The Tactical Athlete (firefighterradio.com) Advertise With Us! (firefighterradio.com) FIRE FIT – Heart Healthy Monday, […]

2011 wrap, what up for 2012

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Image via CrunchBase Join BJ and his guest panel as they discuss “2011 wrap, what up for 2012." They recap the year that was in the fire service and they will be taking your calls and want to hear your stories from 2011 and your thoughts about 2012.   Join us and reflect on 2011, […]

FIRE FIT Coming to Firefighter Radio in December!

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Monday, December 12 @8pm EST Image by Justin Liew via Flickr What is fitness? Merriam-Webster (2011) defines fitness as the quality or state of being fit. But what does that mean to a professional in the fire service? A workout program? A diet regiment? Or a physical examination? The truth is many firefighters are selfless […]

Ground Ladder Placement at Residential Fires

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Image via Wikipedia Join Jeremy Mitchell as he discusses a topic important to many of our listeners.  Ground ladders are not thrown with either the frequency or the skill that they once were, yet there are still key objectives on the fireground that often cannot be met without the prompt, skillful placement of ladders. This […]

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Join Jeremy Mitchell as his discusses PPV.  PPV is an often misunderstood aspect of the ventilation mission; when it is considered, it is usually as an “after knockdown” adjunct to natural ventilation. However, PPV can also be used in situations where roof access is not available or inadvisable; or, when a fully staffed truck company is unavailable. […]

The Initial Attack Line

Please join Jeremy Mitchell he hosts The Initial Attack Line. He will discuss the selection and placement of the initial attack line based on fire size, construction type, staffing and apparatus configuration. Particular attention will be paid to the speed of fire development in new construction and how this affects initial fireground tactics. Listen to […]

Hometown Heroes: Minnesota Firefighters Efforts to Build a New Memorial

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With this episode, we begin a series called Hometown Heroes. We will look at fire departments and organizations around the globe. We will launch our series in Minnesota. If Minnesota’s 20,000 firefighters raise enough money by the end of the year, an area of the Capitol Mall known as Parking Lot H could be transformed into […]

Accountability and Safety in the Fire Service

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Image via Wikipedia Join our roundtable discussion as Mike, Orlando, Jeremy, and BJ discuss Accountability and Safety in the Fire Service.  We would love to hear your comments and questions.  Please join us and call in!  Don't forget to "Like" us on Facebook at Firefighter Radio and follow us on Twitter @FirefightRadio Listen to internet […]

Firefighter revives dog, mouth to snout

By Scott Stump TODAY.com contributor updated 10/21/2011 9:27:42 AM ET When his fellow firefighters carried an unconscious Labrador retriever out of a burning house on Tuesday, Jamie Giese had no medical equipment to revive him. So he went with something he had only seen on TV. The Wasau, Wis., firefighter leaned in for a close […]

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