What is fitness? Merriam-Webster (2011) defines fitness as the quality or state of being fit. But what does that mean to a professional in the fire service? A workout program? A diet regiment? Or a physical examination? The truth is many firefighters are selfless and they dedicate so much to everyone else that they forget to take care of themselves.

We at Firefighter Radio believe fitness is the foundation of an effective first responder.  Furthermore, fitness encompasses more than physical strength and cardiovascular endurance.  Health is a total package that includes mental and spiritual health as well.  So we took our love for Firefighter Fitness can created the FIRE FIT PROGRAM!

In our program, we will readdress the problem of firefighter fitness, highlight the prevalence of diseases and morbidities, but most importantly, we will present episodes dedicated to physical healthmental health, and spiritual health. 

We hope you enjoy our program and will pass it along! Better yet, drop us line or comment on our site.  Tell us what you think are the most serious, preventable health threats facing firefighters today.

If we save only one life from premature death or get one firefighter to get out and be active then we succeed!

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