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A Convergence of Technology for Firefighter Training

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Most online training deals with reading text and posting to discussion boards. However, on December 6th, 2011, that is about to change. The Open Fire Academy, International and Firefighter Radio are offering the first class that is both synchronous and asynchronous in delivery. It will encompass live discussion and course delivery, while providing for you jump in […]

Open Fire Academy Starts Affiliate Program Today

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  We want to get the word out about what we are doing to help better promote training to the fire service. If you are a website or blog publisher, we will pay you to promote the Open Fire Academy, International. Promoting our mission and efforts to the fire service is our goal. We want […]

Congratulations to Our October Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to John Sawyers for being the winner of our October Giveaway. He won a $50.00 gift card to Watch our Giveaways page for more coming up and earn rewards for participating on the Firefighter Radio. More to come!

Automate, Outsource, or Absolute

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While there are many aspects to the fire service that are absolutes, there are also some that can be addressed by other means. Think of how much time you spend a day doing administrative items that could be handled by other means. Consider what you could do to improve your department if some of the tasks […]

How to Gain Control of Your Inbox

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In this segment, we go a bit off topic to talk about email. All of us struggle to keep up with the daily overload of emails that we must deal with. Email can take control of your life. How many hours a day are eaten away trying to keep up with the influx? The reality […]

Webcasting the National Fallen Firefighter Ceremonies on FF Radio

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If you are unable to attend the National Fallen Firefighter ceremonies this weekend, you can still watch all the events on Firefighter Radio. We will be simulcasting the ceremonies all weekend. Click the link below for schedule and to watch. Click on the link below to watch. Please take a moment to post your thoughts and […]

Calling the Mayday is Now on Facebook

The Calling the Mayday has become a foundational course for many departments. However, some still have not had the opportunity to take this important course. To help, the Calling the Mayday is now available via the Facebook platform. Taking the course if very easy. You simply "like" the course to enroll. Then follow the instructions […]

Roundtable Discussion: Firefighter Stress and Mental Health

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Hosted by William Jetter. Join BJ and his guest panel as they discuss the often hidden issue of the fire service… stress and mental health issues. They discuss the causes of stress, how does PTSD impact the firefighter, the impact of wellness programs, and what the fire department can do about it. Feel free to post […]

New Addition Coming to on July 1st

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Firefighter Radio is about to welcome a new addition to our broadcasts. We have spent the past month finalizing what we feel will be a new innovation in the way you are doing firefighter training. While this will be a gradual launch… starting simple of course,. We know you will never go back to the old way […]

Can Public Safety Ever Completely Trust “The Media”?

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The terms public affairs, public relations, and ‘the media’ are synonymous with public safety. However, how many of us really know what these terms mean? Host Brett Hicks interviews our Guest Danny Chung on the influence(s) that public affairs have on public safety. In addition, they will discuss how public safety leverages public affairs to […]

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